Skye Terrier Club of Southern California

For information contact Club Secretary:
Peggy Kopf at

STCSC was formed in the mid 1960's by a group of dedicated  local skye terrier enthusiasts for the purpose of fostering interest in the ancient breed, through breeding and showing.


The first STCSC specialty was held in 1967, in conjunction with the Great Western Terrier Association, and has been the club's annual show since that time. STCSC welcomes anyone who wants to know more about the skye terrier and may contact Club Secretary Peggy Kopf at

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Great Western Terrier Specialty Weekend

Updated Summer 2011 Calendar

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Skye Terrier Rescue Contacts:
Northern California
Carol Simonds (415) 897-1144

Southern California
Pebble Wilkins (323) 660-0247

Officers 2011


Carol Simonds

Vice President

Pebble Wilkins


Judy Davis

Show Co-ordinator

Karen Sanders


Peggy Kopf